GBM Fabrics

45+ Years in the Fashion Industry

Honed to perfection over the years — find luxury, comfort, and sustainability all in one place.

Our products are the culmination of 45+ years of hard work, innovation, and eco-friendly thinking. With decades of experience at our back, we provide you with fabrics of the highest quality. Over time, our business has grown and we have fostered relationships with national and global partners. Our philosophy is driven by technology and research, making sure that you receive eco-friendly products at an affordable range.

Sustainable at the Core

With our very first steps in the textile industry, we pledged to keep sustainability our most important goal. From raw materials to the final product, we use planet preserving techniques at every stage. We ensure ethical practices from our work with farmers to the social conditions of our employees. To further this cause, we partnered with leading companies in the industry like Japan’s Asahi Kasei and Austria’s Tencel Luxe. Our nature-based fabrics and yarns have carved out our journey so far and continue to do so.

How Our Fabrics Make a Difference

Our Fabrics Sources

Bemberg, Viscose and TENCEL™ Luxe are the fundamental elements of our work. Through in-depth research and experimentation, we use these natural sources to produce sustainable fabrics of the future.
Tencel Luxe Based

An extremely fine filament yarn that produces unique color vibrancy and a liquid-like drape.

Bemberg Based

A regenerated fiber made from cotton linter that adds an extra layer of comfort.

Viscose Based

A semi-synthetic material that creates sleek, lustrous fabrics that are versatile in nature.

Range of Fabrics

From garments to home furnishings, GBM manufactures fabrics in a variety of forms. This wide range can meet the needs of any designer, whether a small startup or a multi-outlet brand. 

Unfinished raw fabric waiting to don your unique craft.


Ready-for-dyeing fabrics that only need your vibrant colors.


Plain, single-colored fabrics to carry out your creativity.

A variety of patterned fabrics that appeal to every aesthetic.


Heavily decorated fabrics for your festive and party wear.

Digital Printed

Multi-use fabrics with beautiful, intricate designs.