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Well, have you been bombarded with such words every now and then while you are surfing down your favorite shopping site or while you are on a spree to get a wardrobe makeover? In recent years due to the advent of the Internet, excessive available information, and of course Globalization, we have moved at a pace faster than we have in centuries.


We are moving so rapidly that we hardly take a moment and realize the impact we are leaving behind on our beloved planet. Each choice we make- consciously or subconsciously, directly and indirectly, is leaving a tremendous carbon footprint on Earth. It’s no surprise that our magnanimous and always in the news fashion industry is the worst polluters and driver of climate change across the World. 


Well, now after years of being bombarded with eye-opening facts, we are sure you won’t question the global deteriorating power of the fashion industry. But the question is,

Do you understand the vigorousness of the impact?

The answer is no. No one really does. The marketing gimmicks of companies have made us believe that we understand sustainability. But in reality, most of the efforts of sustainability portrayal are nothing but greenwashing. And, most of us are being fooled just by the labels of Eco friendly and sustainable.

What is sustainable fashion?

Do Cotton and Linen and the use of natural fabrics make you feel that the fashion you have been buying is sustainable? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but just because a fabric is natural doesn’t make it sustainable. 


Do you know that 3000 liters of water are used just to make your 100% natural cotton t-shirt? 

We are sure you weren’t aware of it. 


Well, sustainable fashion is much more than textiles or products- that is the end result. In fact, it is a comprehensive term. It is used to address the entire system right from the manufacturing of clothes to its duration of use and its decomposition in a landfill. With sustainable fashion, we aim to foster change in the fashion system with core considerations on ecological integrity.  


Going sustainable isn’t a one-time small achievable feat. Going sustainable requires one to rethink the entire system and adapt changes in their backward and forward integrated cycle to truly paint a green picture. It requires one to undertake every nitty and gritty into consideration before claiming themselves as a sustainable fashion brand. 

So what’s in the store for sustainable fashion brands?

Well, owe it to the Internet alone that consumers at the individual level have become conscious of their purchasing patterns. They are actively seeking alternatives and brands that are flag bearers of sustainability. But again don’t jump on the bandwagon if you couldn’t truly go sustainable. Why? 


Well, Conscious buyers could easily spot the “all mouth and trousers.” Said that just pretending to be eco-friendly would negatively affect your brand image to an extent that the customers despise would follow. Avoid greenwashing and if you truly wish to sustain in the market follow the footsteps of brands who have been actively promoting Sustainability as the mere motto of their brand. 


From the consumer’s point of view, it is indeed tempting to buy cheap fashion thereby resulting in repeated purchases. Moreover, marketing gimmicks create a sense of urgency amongst consumers, resulting in them making purchasing decisions that aren’t actually required. Most of the time, the resulting purchase is a series of things that were never going to be the consumer’s first pick. 


However, rounding back, consumers are slowly but definitely getting an understanding of what fast fashion is doing to the planet. They are more conscious of their purchasing pattern ensuring that their money goes towards a better cause. Shunning fast fashion is a trend in vogue and it is indeed the best time for any fashion brand to turn sustainable on a whole. 


Well, the fuss isn’t all a bubble. It’s the truth slowly seeping into our lives. The easy realization would be as you put on a piece of garment in the morning and understand that your choosing fast fashion is ruining the World. Each piece of garment that isn’t sustainably procured, manufactured, or delivered at your doorstep has created profound and irreversible damage to the environment, society, and individuals. 


Going sustainable is no longer a choice. It’s the need that needs to be reciprocated at all levels of the fashion industry, including the consumers who drive the fashion industry. 

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