GBM Fabrics

Our team

Mr. Kirit Marfatia

Founder and Mentor
The industrial veteran and the vision bearer, Mr. Kirit G Marfatia, has profound know-how when it comes to technology in textiles. After pursuing his B.SC. in physics, he ventured into the business of yarn manufacturing back in 1965. The industry back then wasn’t organized, however, his persistence to adopt systematic methodology is earning hefty rewards to the company today. In 1988, he started manufacturing with 24 looms which soon expanded into 72 power looms with added facilities of twisting, warping, and winding technology.

He changed the purchasing perspective of people from being cost-centered to quality-centric. He stuck with nature-based yarns from Japan and broke the stereotypes attached with textiles. He was always ahead of his time and competitors; be it in terms of adapting technological reforms, processes, or management and this helped GBM attain the industrial standard it has today.

Today, down the lane, after 45 years, the company is benefitting from what he sowed. Under his guidance, knowledge, and aptitude; the company grew, sustained, and developed phenomenally. Today we attribute whatever goodwill we have gathered amongst our clients, partners, and trader to Mr. Kirit.

Mr. Aakash K. Marfatia

CEO , Managing Partner
Mr. Aakash Marfatia has been associated with GBM fabrics since 22 years as a Managing partner. His extensive research on textile science, production methodology, and marketing management has offered new dimensions and vision to this already esteemed company. He is actively working in multiple dimensions to take the company to new horizons, both through horizontal and vertical integration. He is strongly rooted in an idea of sustainability and is inculcating this core value within the DNA of GBM fabrics. His area of forte includes research and development that could lead to the innovation of versatile blended fabrics, fabulous in looks, quality, and feel.

The field of fashion is hungry- always hungry when it comes to creativity. Aakash with his unparalleled vision aims to keep introducing new products into new markets through his extensive ways of marketing and networking. Amongst his varying integrated goals, the vision of creating a sustainable textile community platform stands apart. He is actively working on it to launch a platform fruitful for all. This includes a community of individuals, workers, farmers, skilled laborers, aspiring designers, boutique owners, entrepreneurs, fashion enthusiasts, and business houses helping each other grow, prosper and be creative.

Ever since he is associated with GBM, the company witnessed 6 folds growth. His mentorship has offered the company and its valuable members immense powers to excel, experiment, and explore multidimensional growth. He fuels a new propelling growth in the company with his thirst for new technologies, methodologies, and keenness to test and experiment. His vision for the company is unparalleled, however, they perfectly align with the morals and core values of GBM Fabrics.