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Digital Printed

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Greige Fabrics

Greige fabrics are unfinished raw fabrics. These fabrics aren!t dyed or printed and are supplied to parties further who would conduct value-added processes on them. These fabrics are raw, right out of the loom and knitting machines, and undergo varying processes on them before getting converted into finished garments. They offer abundant possibilities to craft them independently.
Tencel Luxe Greige
Bemberg Greige
Viscose Greige


RFD are fabrics that are ready to be dyed in desired colors to further convert them into garments. These fabrics undergo a process of deep cleansing and bleaching to remove dirt, wax, and darts to make them more absorbent to dyes. The process of scouring improves dye uptake and its evenness throughout the fabric length.
Tencel Luxe RFD
Bemberg RFD
Viscose RFD


Print fabrics as the name suggest are printed in varying patterns over a cloth which would further be stitched into beautiful garments. At GBM, we deal in a wide range of printed fabrics that are vibrant, alluring, and simply enchanting.
Foil Print
Botanic Print
Screen Print


Embroidered fabrics are embedded in beautiful patterns with threads and yarns to form beautiful textured patterns. Beads, Pearls, Sequins, Quills, and other materials are used to create heavy embroidery over fabrics.

Embroidered fabrics are usually used in stitching high-value garments that could be worn to weddings and parties.
Tencel Luxe Embroidered
EBM Fabriclore
Bemberg Embroidered
EMB Fabriclore
Viscose Embroidered

Digital Print

Digital print fabrics are printed using a digital printer to get versatile high-quality prints over crying kinds of fabrics. These prints are imprinted evenly in a beautiful manner giving sheer perfection.

Digital print fabrics are heavily used by boutique designers and garment manufactures dealing in the fashionable clothing segment.
Tencel Luxe Digital Printed
Bemberg Digital Printed
Viscose Digital Printed

Our Latest Innovations

Heavy Pure Satin Big Width
Daily Moisturiser
Linen Georgette -BEMBERG

Our Fabrics Sources For Delicate Luxury Human Wear

We have created a whole universe of luxurious and conscious fabrics that are graceful and elegant in looks and heavenly in feel. We Use Luxe by Tencel, Bemberg & Viscose blend fabrics through our exhaustive R&D processes and experimentation.
Bemberg Based

Experience the joy of swimming in our infinity-edge pool that gives you a nice picturesque view.

Tencel Luxe Based

Set forth on an exquisite wellness journey to refresh, re-energize and rejuvenate at our iconic spa.

Viscose Based

We have three in-house restaurants offering different cuisines that you can choose from.

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