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GBM specializes in manufacturing greige, ready to dye, printed, digital printed, and embroidered fabrics. The entire collection is crafted with nature-based ingredients and backed by innovative thinking. Value-added processes enhance their look, feel, and usability for end-users. Our forte lies in providing premium-grade fabric at affordable rates. Read on and find a form of fabric that perfectly meets your requirements.

Greige Fabrics

Right out of the loom and knitting machines, these are unfinished raw fabrics that can have value-adding processes conducted on them. They can be dyed, printed, or undergo various treatments before being made into finished products. Greige fabrics offer abundant possibilities to be crafted into your unique vision.

Tencel Luxe Greige
Bemberg Greige
Viscose Greige


Fabrics that are ready to be dyed in the colors of your choice. These fabrics undergo deep cleansing and bleaching to remove dirt, wax, and darts. The scouring process improves dye uptake and its evenness throughout the fabric length. RFD fabrics are extensively used, for everything from clothing to home furnishing.

Tencel Luxe RFD
Bemberg RFD
Viscose RFD


Plain fabrics dyed in a single color. These solid colored pieces of cloth can be further designed using techniques like printing or embroidering. Made using rich and eye-catching dyes, these fabrics become a canvas for your creativity.

Foil Print
Botanic Print
Screen Print


Embroidered fabrics are embedded in beautiful patterns with threads and yarns to form beautiful textured patterns. Beads, Pearls, Sequins, Quills, and other materials are used to create heavy embroidery over fabrics.

Embroidered fabrics are usually used in stitching high-value garments that could be worn to weddings and parties.
Tencel Luxe Embroidered
Bemberg Embroidered
Viscose Embroidered

Digital Printed

A fabric created using a digital printer that results in high-quality designs. The beauty of these patterns lies in their perfection. The intricate designs create appealing looks on a wide range of products. They are regularly used by boutique designers and garment manufacturers to produce fashionable garments.

Tencel Luxe Digital Printed
Bemberg Digital Printed
Viscose Digital Printed


Embroidered fabrics are embedded with threads and yarns that form textured patterns. The mesmerizing design is often further embellished with beads, pearls, sequins, quills, and other materials. Such fabrics are commonly used to stitch high-value garments that can be worn for weddings and parties.

Tencel Luxe Embroidered
Bemberg Embroidered
DSC06553 (2)
Viscose Embroidered

Our Newest Additions

Heavy Pure Satin Big Width
Linen Georgette -BEMBERG

A Closer Look at Our Sources

We have created a whole universe of luxurious and conscious fabrics that are graceful and elegant in looks and heavenly in feel. We Use Luxe by Tencel, Bemberg & Viscose blend fabrics through our exhaustive R&D processes and experimentation.

An extremely fine filament yarn that produces unique color vibrancy and a liquid-like drape.


A regenerated fibre made from cotton linter that adds an extra layer of comfort.


A semi-synthetic material that creates sleek, lustrous fabrics that are versatile in nature.

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