GBM Fabrics

Biodegradable fabrics
are the future of fashion.

An All-in-One Solution for Luxury, Comfort, and Sustainability

Man has responsibility, not power. The collective responsibility towards Earth is what we all have in common.

GBM Fabrics comes with a threefold promise. The raw materials of the fabrics are derived from nature, making them easily biodegradable. An elegant finish gives the fabrics a luxurious appeal. The fabric’s feel on the skin is soft and soothing. These three qualities are present in all of our products, despite the unique features of every individual piece. 

State-of-the-Art Machinery and Eco-Friendly Processes

Our advanced infrastructure includes high-tech power looms, rapiers, air-jet machines, and more. This immense twisting, winding, and sizing capacity equips GBM to generate one million meters of fabric per month and over one hundred variants of fabric per annum. Manufacturing processes focus on recycling materials like damaged fabrics. Our operations even include zero waste practices. From manufacturing to exporting, everything is streamlined to provide our customers with the best.

Vegan Silk


One of GBM’s prime features is the use of vegan silk. It is made using renewable sources of wood instead of being harnessed from the cocoon of silkworms. The process is not just cruelty free but also sustainable as it is a closed-loop procedure that generates no waste. GBM works in collaboration with TENCEL™ Luxe to produce this plant-based silk. Recently, we have also started working on two sub-brands — Vegan SilkFab and Ahinsa Silk. In November 2021, PETA’s Vegan Fashion Awards named GBM Fabrics using TENCEL™ Luxe as the Best Vegan Silk. 

Primary Fabric Types

An extremely fine filament yarn that produces unique color vibrancy and a liquid-like drape.


A regenerated fiber made from cotton linter that adds an extra layer of comfort.


A semi-synthetic material that creates sleek, lustrous fabrics that are versatile in nature.