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We started out on the road to creating nature based fabrics over 45 years ago. Today, we make it easier for you to embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle. Our story can be your story.

"Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion."



GBM is founded by Mr. Kirit G. Marfatia



Increased production capacity by 400%



Started weaving operations 




Installed new factory for production



Started blending of natural yarns       



Crossed 50 cr. in annual revenue       

Our Story

manufacturing The Best Nature Based Fabrics Since 1965

Gebilal Bhaidas Marfatia’s journey began with one name — Mr. Kirit G. Marfatia. In 1975, with a small but dedicated team of 15, he built this business of sustainable fabrics in fashion and furnishings from the ground up. Faced with an unorganized sector, he developed a systematic methodology that steadily grew the company. Despite several roadblocks, the team stood on the twin pillars of innovation and hard work to reach success. In only three years, they increased their production capacity by 400%. In 1987, GBM set up its own power looms, rapiers and air-jet machines and began its weaving operations. Soon twisting, warping, and winding facilities were added on. Over the years, quick results and smooth functioning made GBM an established name in the industry.

Why Sustainability?

Man has responsibility, not power. The collective responsibility towards Earth is what we all have in common.

We believe in a kind future. A future with healthy people and a healthy world. Our focus on sustainability is our way of helping create that world. We do this by developing a variety of biodegradable fabrics and using manufacturing processes that generate a very low amount of waste. Driven by eco-conscious thinking, we manufacture a range of biodegradable fabrics to help you achieve your goal of sustainable fashion. With fabrics that are not only biodegradable but also affordable, we strive to make fashion a comfortable experience for you and the Earth.

Our Passion for Innovation

There is no limit to progress. Despite all our years in the industry, we know there is always scope to grow. With state-of-the-art machinery and a team of research experts at our back, we reach higher levels of quantity and quality every day. Creative thinking and new ideas drive us, keeping GBM at par with modern techniques and designs. Our philosophy is to continuously reinvent ourselves to provide you with the finest standard of work. 

Global Relationships


Our organization stands taller because of the valuable relationships with our suppliers, clients, and partners. Since 1976, we have been authorised agents of the Japanese company Asahi Kasei. The company’s Bemberg cupro fiber has enabled us to make fabrics smoother and more attractive. In 2021 we became exclusive accredited development partners of Lenzing’s TENCEL™️ Luxe. TENCEL™️ Luxe filaments add an elegant shine and sleek texture to our fabrics. We look beyond borders and join hands with brands that have similar eco-friendly principles. Together, we work to make the world a greener place. 

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