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8 ways to dress more sustainably

The word sustainable is coined around so casually these days that it rather confuses an individual of what sustainable truly stands for. Textile wastes are piling up the landfills and each piece of garment manufacturing is leaving behind an incalculable amount of carbon footprint on this planet. It’s now or never the kind of situation where we need to step up and take responsibility at an individual level to make this world more sustainable. 


Creating a sustainable wardrobe means saying no to fast fashion, cheaper clothes, and saying goodbyes to your favorite brands. However, it may sound boring but once you set yourself on a mission of curating a sustainable wardrobe, you would be amazed by how easier your life gets. Going sustainable may sound hard only till you get started. It’s much easier and through this blog read we would give you 8 ways to dress more sustainably. 

1.Invest in timely pieces

However tempting that 500Rs cute top may seem, are you going to wear it at least 30 times? If the answer is no, don’t buy it. The easiest way to get rid of fast fashion bugs is by investing in pieces that could be worn time and again, repeatedly, in varying different ways. 

While purchasing a piece of garment ensure that it’s going to stay in your wardrobe for seasons before landing itself in a landfill.

The word Sustainable fashion isn’t merely a fuss. It’s a concept that needs each of us to individually undertake the responsibility we owe to the environment. And no, sustainable fashion isn’t going to make your style bland or boring. It’s merely going to make you more of a conscious buyer which would eventually result in a reduced carbon footprint on Earth. 

2.Practice conscious buying

It’s easy to get swayed by fast fashion given that it’s available at cheaper rates. We agree who wouldn’t want to change wardrobes every season. But at what cost? The environment- the very planet we are living on? 


Well, dressing sustainably is easier even if you leave behind the environmental aspects attached to it. Going sustainable empowers you to make conscious choices. You won’t invest in pieces that would sit still in your wardrobe after wearing it once. You would instead look for classic statement pieces that could be used to create 20 different looks. 


The result- you won’t have to spend time worrying that you don’t have clothes to wear. You would find innovative and creative ways to style your wardrobe pieces in multiple varying ways, each time. 

3.Follow garment care.

Simply avoid repeated washes on your garment. It’s unnecessary to get them washed after every single wear. Moreover, when you do wash them, follow the garment care instructions. Go the extra mile to ensure that your garments last longer. This would reduce the need to replace them repeatedly thereby creating for yourself a sustained wardrobe.

4.Repair instead of replacing.

When you are stuck in the fast fashion cycle, getting your clothes repaired or altered would seem inessential. It’s easier to throw away denim that costs you only 600 bucks. But, however cheap it may have cost you, its impact on Earth is not going to be cheap. Is It? 


Well, it’s easier to get those holes fixed, buttons repaired and soles altered. Don’t let your garment go to waste wherein minor alterations could fix them. Besides, there’s always a creative way to upscale your garment before it turns out to be of no use to you.

5.The perspective shift in mindset.

Going sustainable is much more about addressing and realtering the beliefs of fashion we have been fed for years. Eco Friendly doesn’t necessarily mean boring khaki and Beige clothes. It doesn’t necessarily mean being over expensive. And lastly, it isn’t always the same collection everywhere. 


Eco-friendly and sustainable garments could be beautiful, stylish, and truly in vogue. All you need is a perspective shift in mindset to view sustainable fashion from a better lens. 

6.Quality>>>>> Quantity

It’s important to understand that quality is far more important than quantity. It’s better to invest in 3 timeless pieces than 30 pieces of garments that would still leave you with a question mark. More garment choices are never going to make your life easy. 


Now, you must bring about a change in the way you splurge. Focus on quality and you would end up making smart wardrobe choices.

7.Keep yourself informed.

Now that you are truly turning sustainable, do so with a fully informed power. If you are unsure of the eco-friendly portrayal that the brand is promising- ask questions. Repeated questions about the things and you would know if the brand is putting a facade show. 


Countless brands are emerging that are truly ecological. They are doing great work at distinguishing between sustainable fashion and greenwashing. Know the difference and you wouldn’t be fooled in the name of sustainable fashion ever. 

8.Seek inspiration.

If you couldn’t figure out ways to recreate looks with your sustainable clothing, seek inspiration around. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, or personal blogging space, the Internet is loaded with content that could help you put your fashionable foot forward, most efficiently. 


Rounding up, sustainable fashion is the impulsive need of the hour. It’s ethical and most importantly in your favor to turn your wardrobe sustainable now. Budget is never the problem when you are turning sustainable- the problems are lack of information and lack of ability to shun fast fashion. As we mentioned earlier also, Going sustainable is easier than you perceive it to be. 

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